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Character designs, monster designs, Whatever you need drawn
*no echi or any adult stuff

$5 for Bust
$10 for full body
$15 for group picture
+$4 for color
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cyber connect 2 are doing a suggestion box for what players would like to see in NUNS3 and other future naruto games I don't know about you guys but I'm super excited for this.


Here's what I posted to them below:

Tag battle mode:
What if you can add a tag battle mode into the game where you can switch between 2 characters freely during matches.  both characters can have separate health bars but both must share the same charkra and substitution bars.  They can perform tag ultimate justus and combo's, even characters can perform signature tag ultimate justus exclusive to them for example:

Naruto and Jiraiya can perform a double giant ball rasengan (in both normal and sage mode)

Sasuke and Itachi can perform a double sussanno/amaratsu attack

Gaara and onoki can perform a golden sand attack and finish off with dust release

Ultimate Ninja Creation mode:
I know you guy's must ge this a lot but a character creation mode would be great you can choose your village, nature type, kekkai genkai, and justus both original and from existing characters.

Jinchurichi backstory mode:
there are 7 tail-beast but the readers and viewers only know about the 8 and 9 tails.  An extra story mode detailing the 7 other Jinchurichi's origin and life all the way up to their capture by the atkasuki will give them more in-depth characterization like what jutsu's do they use they're playing style a collaboration with Masashi kishimoto talking about their character would be a plus.

feedback and your intake from you guy's ideas would be nice too :)
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